Crashing while changing properties on cross-system beam

• Jul 9, 2020 - 21:54
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MS has crashed every time that I try to do the following (I tested it five times):

1) Go to measure 54 of the score I have attached.
2) Select the 16th-note beam on beat 1, left hand part
3) Go the the inspector and toggle OFF "Automatic placement"
4) MS crashes

Only m. 54 is broken; turning off auto placement for the beams works fine in every other measure. It might also be due to how the beam is glitching out in that measure as well (image attached below for reference)

My current workaround: ignore the beam issue

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Title Crashing while Toggling Auto-Placement for Beams Crashing while changing properties on cross-system beam

This is probably connected to #285141: Beam across a system break can disappear. The latter at least explains why the eighths don't appear to have beams.

So question #1 to me is, why is this note set to beam middle? Were you trying to beam across the barline, or was that an oversight? Question #2 was, what were you hoping to gain by disabling autoplace? I am not seeing anything about this score that would be helped by that.

That said, I can reproduce the crash here. Maybe it will provide a clue to #285141: Beam across a system break can disappear. At the moment the crash happens - in Beam::gripsPositions() - the beam seems to have no notes. We can avoid this crash by simply doing nothing in that case, but then you're going to see the other glitch, and probably other things are likely to crash too. The crash happens with any attempt to edit the beam, BTW - marking it invisible, feathering it, editing it to change the angle, etc.

Priority P1 - High

Crashes are bad of course, but this one has almost certainly been around a long time doubt time, and I don;t know there will be a way to really prevent problems without actually solving the bigger problems of beaming across system breaks.

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Workaround Yes No

1 - "Beam middle" was my oversight, I meant to select "beam start" - this was due to my editing of a passage I wanted to change after I copy-pasted it over. The beaming I intended is just standard 16th note beaming.
2 - I wanted to see if the glitch would get fixed if I disabled autoplace - turns out that it doesn't.

*Clarification: the passage was in 3/4, if that matters