Staff layered on top of each other!!

• Jul 9, 2020 - 23:20

I included a photo of my score, but I have no idea why it did this. It's imported from Musescore 2 and I clicked yes to adjusting all elements to make it run smoother in Musescore 3. When I play through the score, it'll play through the first section, then the blue bar will jump right back up and move across the staff on top of it. I've never seen this happen before. How do I fix this?

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I'm guessing you have a frame with some large negative height in there. If you attach the actual score instead of a picture we can probably fix that quite fast.

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I didn't know you could do that. I figured out to fix it. Unfortunately I deleted the measures and pasted them back in... But then it deleted all of your tempos and time/key sig changes... I decided, I'll just finish this score up in Musescore 2 and if I have a new score, I'll start using 3... But I'm curious if there is a better way to fix it.

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The better way to fix it is to either remove that vertical frame or to set its height to be non-negative (or by less that it is set currently).
Now if you had attached the score from that screenshot, we'd have fixed that for you within minutes...

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Indeed, just as guessed, this score has a number of negative-height vertical frames. Not sure why or how those were created, but they don't belong there. Easiest way to fix is to right-click the title frame, Select / All Similar Elements, then rightCtrl+click the title frame to remove it from the selection, then press Delete to delete the problematic vertical frames.

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Not Ctrl+right-click, just plain Ctrl+click. In Mac, probably come+click. Whatever the standard shortcut used in other programs to add or remove items from selection - this isn’t unique to MuseScore.

Another option btw is to not exclude it or delete anything, just use the Inspector to set all frames to a reasonable height.

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Oh okay, how would I use the inspector to do that? I know how to do a lot of the basics in Musescore, but when it comes to pages layout I'm new.
Also when you said right cntrl click, that to me means right click Ctrl because there is no left or right Ctrl, just one button on the left of the keyboard.

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Yes, but when it says right Ctrl and there is only one Ctrl button, there's no need to say right. That's why I was confused. Cntrl+left click doesn't do anything. I can try again, but can you tell me exactly what you pressed to deselect the title frame?

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Sorry, that was a typo. Forget anyone ever mentioned right. It’s just Ctrl+click, plain and simple. This is how all programs have pretty much always worked when it comes to adding or removing things from a selection. Press Ctrl while clicking an element - any element, any program that allows this type of selection - and it either adds it to the selection if not already present, or removes from the selection if not already present.

Again, on Mac, generally substitute Cmd for Ctrl but the concept is the same.

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You can deselect an already selected element with ctrl+mouse click again from a range. But again: to edit a single element - in this case the frame - it isn't necessary to press additional ctrl for it. Just select this specific frame with your mouse/touchpad without pressing any keys of your keyboard - it won't be affect other frames.

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You have to Ctr+click the actual title frame, not any random spot on the screen. And there wouldn't be any obvious indication it was removed from the selection, but you'll know it worked because when you press Delete, it will remain while the others get deleted. Try it - follow my steps precisely (except for the spurious "right"), I promise it works.

To be perfectly clear:

1) right-click the title frame
2) from the popup menu that appears click Select, then Select All Similar Elements
3) ctrl+click the title frame
4) press Delete

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Left click/right click means always the mouse/touchpad. If Ctrl is needed it doesn't matter if you're pressing the left or right ctrl key in case they are available on your keyboard.

In your case I selected the single frame with the left mouse/touchpad button - ctrl isn't needed here - and could adjust the settings of the height inside the inpector.

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