No Sticking Tab?

• Jul 10, 2020 - 03:45

I've been using the Lyrics (CTRL + L) for all my sticking but it formats incorrectly. When I try to use the dedicated sticking function by selecting the note then menu --> Add --> Text , I don't see a sticking tab. I see everything else i.e. Title, Subtitle, System Text, Chord Symbol, etc. but no sticking. Is there a solution to this problem? I am running Musescore Drumline version 1.2.1


MDL 1.2.1 is quite outdated (if it ever existed), 1.3.1 is actual.
That probably isn't the cause for your sticking issue though.

Sticking is just text, no separate Inspector. So there is no issue really.
Except that it does show the frame text inspector, no idea why that is, sticking surely is no frame text

It's not about what version of MDL you have, but what version of MuseScore. Sticking was implemented I think around 3.2. Current version is 3.4., with 3.5 coming very soon. So be sure to update.

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