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• Jul 13, 2020 - 08:49

see if you can make


Enter a standard dynamic, then double-click it to edit it, you can then type whatever you like instead. Use Ctrl+Shift+letter to enter the fancy script.

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I'm sorry, I'd really like to help further, but I am having trouble understanding what you are asking. What is your native language, and is there a forum in that language? Or maybe just ask your question in more detail in your native language, and someone might be able to translate better?

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I think you all are misunderstanding what the OP is asking. He is just imitating the sounds he makes while eating a muffin. He wants to know if he can translate that to music. To answer his question: Yes, you can translate that to music, but not in Musescore. You need to use a DAW and record your audio of you eating a muffin. My guess it is a large, dry, bran muffin without raisins.

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