Whenever I change the font of a title, subtitle, or composer in the MuseScore software, it defaults to what looks like Arial whenever I publish it.

• Jul 13, 2020 - 18:06

I've been trying to figure out a way to keep the font that I chose for my score once I publish it, but it always defaults to Arial, and I haven't been able to find any solutions.


If you're talking about publishing on musescore.com, it's because the MuseScore backend used there supports only a small list of fonts.

According to this post from 2017, the list of additional fonts is:

  • Arial
  • Courier
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana

(For licensing reasons, one or more of the above are substituted with metrics-compatible fonts that don't look exactly the same. For example, Gelasio is used instead of Georgia.)

According to the same post, it's also possible that fonts hosted on Google Fonts are supported as well. If so, that's a pretty long list.

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This isn't anything unique to MuseScore, BTW. Same with pretty much any program. Create a text document with your favorite word processor using your favorite fonts. Send that file to another user, and if he doesn't have those fonts, he will see something different. It's just a fact of life with sharing documents that you have to limit yourself to fonts that you know other users will also have. Unless you only plan to share PDF - these have the fonts embedded within them. But along the way they also lose everything that made them editable in the original software used to create them - they are little more than "pictures" of your document, not the document itself.

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