Feature Request: Custom Text Objects in palette

• Jul 14, 2020 - 19:28

The text palette comes with many useful text objects to add to a score. I would like to be able to add my own frequently used text objects to the palette for quick and easy insertion into my projects. A 'New Text Object' window could have the following options:
-- input the desired text
-- format the text (font, size, bold/italics/underline/etc.)
-- text type (stave, system)
-- link to channel (would be most useful if custom channels can be made/added to instruments)
-- some other playback effects options (ex. include tempo change for rall./rit./accel.; include dynamics change for cres./dim.; etc.)
-- duration (number of notes/beats/bars) to apply the text
>>Note to the last two points: these options could be part of an insert dialogue for each instance the text object is added to the score (rather than a master option for every instance). Thus, I could create a text object that says 'rall.' with certian formatting. Then, when I add the object to a note/bar, a dialogue asks me for duration of the rallentando and what the final BPM should be. There could even be a tick box for 'add "a tempo"' at the end of the rallentando duration, which returns to the last defined tempo before the rallentando.


Add a section-break to the frame. Try PdfSam to merge pdf (generated with a text processor). Many functions are already present, even if not automated.

Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't what you are asking for already possible much more easily by just creating one such text in your score than Ctrl+Shift+dragging it back to the palette? Other than the bit about having rallentando playback, that's kind of a whole separate thing.

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Indeed! I'd searched everywhere and couldn't find that instruction. Maybe it could be added more clearly to the handbook. Yes, the Ctrl+Shift+dragging is exactly what I've been looking for. And yes, indeed, the playback features (fixing cres/dim, enabling rall/a tempo) are really a separate issue.

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Generally, Google has helped me find the right places in the handbook, and/or forum posts with related questions that either aren't resolved in the handbook, or that contain links to the handbook. But even when I've searched the handbook directly, it doesn't always help. For example, in this case, I didn't make the connection between 'custom palette' and 'custom object (in a palette)'. I'd already figured out how to make a custom palette (without looking in the handbook), so I thought that section of the handbook would be irrelevant to my query.

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