Joining two measures

• Jul 15, 2020 - 01:10
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The Ctrl-del feature of joining measures does not work, at least on my computer. I am using the grand staff on piano.


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Sample score needed and steps to reproduce.
Ctrl+Del (on measures) does not join measures though, it deletes them.
But Ctrl+Del on a barline does join them.

Used it instead of what?
As said, selecting measures and using Ctrl+Del is not supposed to __join_ measures but to delete them
Ctrl+Del on a barline though is supposed to remove that barline and in doing so joining the measures left and right of it.
Both does work for me, so I see no bug.

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The Ctrl-del feature. I use the piano grand staff and first of all, the approach, the selection of the barline is weird. It selects the top half and the joining of the barline or it selects the bottom of it and not the whole of it. That may just be normal, though. Anyway, I DELIBERATELY press, even HOLD Ctrl-Del and what happens? Nothing. Like I said, I will try sharing the score later when I have the time, but I get all the bugs nobody else is getting -- ON A WINDOWS 10. BRUH.

Ctrl+Del with having selected a barline? That does work, in 3.4.2 and in 3.5 Beta (and on Windows 7). And it doesn't matter whether you select the top or the bottom part of a grand staff's barline

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I do not know, I may just have to try it with a normal measure without a lot of cadenza 32nd tuplets and 32nd notes, but I pretty sure it should work for all measures. And then, it may just be my Windows 10 Acer (Don't you get me wrong now, it is pretty old). It is kind of unfair. Then I may just have to go on with the Tools→Measure→Join Selected Measures operation.

I think "wierd random computer issues that magically fix themselves" is an issue we have all experienced. Glad this got sorted out.