Default sounds for plucked/strummed instruments is identical

• Jul 15, 2020 - 05:52

I am playing around with an acoustic guitar and banjo setup, and I realize that the default playback sound for this (and ukelele) all sound like the same instrument to me. I tried finding custom soundfonts, and when I load them, they all take on the same timbre of the soundfont. Is there something I'm doing wrong? How do I "unlock" the unique banjo sound vs the acoustic guitar sound vs. the ukelele?


I've been able to pinpoint what's going on: the mixer default is set to some other instrument. I'm not sure why. When you go into the "Sound" section in the Mixer, the instruments are in a random order, and I am assuming maybe the name of the instrument doesn't match with the actual name of the sound? That's my only guess.

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While MuseScore provides lots and lost of different instruments in a General MIDI soundfont there are only 128 different sounds. Banjo, Ukulele, etc are not among them, so the the closest match is taken, in this s case acoustic guitar.
You can search for and use a different specialised soundfont.

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Ok, and it appears I have to manually reset the association when I do that. Which is... OK. Just good to know. The synthesizer's ordering affects default sounds, so when I downloaded a custom banjo sound, everything is now Banjo since it's first in my synth list. Not a big deal, just seems like there's no way around it for now, but at least the Mixer lets you change it pretty easily and you can type for the instrument you want and it will find it so long as you spell accurately. I'm not sure whats best... to have the custom soundfont first in the syth or the HQ MuseScore one. but at least I now have sweet sweet twang of banjo. Thx.

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