Feature Request: Volta Text

• Jul 15, 2020 - 16:28

Please consider adding the "Follow Staff Size" option to volta text.


AN issue with voltas is that they aren't attached to any one staff - they are global to the score. So they do scale with the score size, but not any one individual staff. And normally this is fine,. voltas on scores with mixed sizes normally should still be full size (eg, when placed above the solist staff in a solist + piano score). Do you have specific use case where in mind where you have mixed staff sizes and need different voltas sizes? Can you attach a sample score so we can understand better?

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I'm creating extra large versions of my scores for use on my tablet. The Android app has some major issues with its zoom features so with the advent of the 5-score limit being lifted this seemed like an easy workaround.

I have done several scores so far and those with voltas consistently fail to scale up the volta text. The attached score is set with stave spacing of 1.700 and when I change it to 3.500 the volta text does not get bigger. I've just noticed that the lyricist text doesn't scale up either so maybe there are various other texts that don't.


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Ah, I see, you aren't talking about increasing one single staff size, but the overall staff space size for the whole score. That is indeed a bug with regard to volts text, can you please submit it to the issue tracker?

For the lyricist text, though, that is explicitly set not to scale, along with the title, as in most cases one wants to those to stay full size. Just check the "follow staff" size option in the Inspector or the text style settings to override that default.

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