Musescore 3 score keeps crashing

• Jul 18, 2020 - 07:41

I would really appreciate your help, because I am writing Highlights for The Muppet Movie for my school concert band. I just finished the first part and began writing the second one. However, I woke up today only to find out that the score kept crashing (usually a couple of minutes after opening it or after trying to save). I tried to factory revert it but nothing changed. Note that I use Musescore 3 and Windows 10 with English Language. I believe that the score itself has corrupt parts. I am expecting an answer. Here's the score. I am begging you because I had made a lot of progress and I don't want to lose everything.
Thank you.

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Is there any particular reason why you have the parts of each instrument in duplicate?

And indeed, there is a corruption (I see this one at least for the moment) in the Piccolo part, but the "second" Piccolo around measures 60-61. Remove at least all those duplicate parts, which are useless, and the problem will be solved. Anyway, good news, with version 3.5 (Release Candidate for the moment), the crash - with the current score - will be avoid on playback as far as I can see.
See now your score after removal of duplicate parts: Highlights from The Muppet reduced parts.mscz

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I don't know exactly what you did to stop the program from opening (but yes, by uninstalling/reinstalling, but more likely by revert to factory settings in menu "Help", it will come back). In any case, your "repaired" score works perfectly now whatever the version 3.4.2 or 3.5 RC

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God bless you, thank you very much. Of course, I needed to restart the computer because the Musescore 3 program was only 2 KB (maybe the computer was used for too long and started messing around). Now it works perfectly and the score runs just as smoothly as yesterday. Again, thank you very much!

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