Tuning notes in cents apparently doesn't make a difference

• Jul 19, 2020 - 11:52

In Musescore 3.4.2 (AppImage) as well as Musescore 3.2.3 (install) on Ubuntu, I have been trying to change the tuning of notes in the inspector. For testing, I changed the tuning up to +/- 100 cents, but I cannot hear any difference. According to what I found about this feature, an input of 100 (cents) should be a semitone lower or higher, so I would expect a clearly noticable change in pitch.

I am wondering if I miss something here ...


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Thanks a lot for your example file! I noticed the difference: I've got parts in my file and I changed the tuning in the parts tabs. It does not work there; it works when I apply tuning changes in the main score.

I remember I noticed the same behaviour with other features as well. I cannot remember exactly what it was - I think it were instrument changes: Changing the instrument via "staff properties" in parts does not change the instrument, only changing the instrument in the main score works.

Don't know if it's "a feature or a bug" but now I can work around it and fix some minor tuning issues for playback in my piece, thanks!

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So, an end repeat or a chord symbol are not considered layout? I am note quite sure where the line runs that is drawn here.

To me, it looks like: If you have an implemented feature that behaves like it should and conveys the notion that it acts as expected but under certain circumstances it doens't without any further notice - you have a broken feature, no matter how you package that broken behaviour on an abstract conceptual design level ... :)

But anyway, Musescore is a very useful and usable app and I am fine with Musescore not being a complete or finished product.

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Actually, parts are very useful to break down a larger piece in different sections and then work on the sections to improve the main score, eg. adding dynamics, ornamentations or write complete additional voices to the existing sections ... to me, that seems far easier than 1. hide/show staves via"Edit > Instruments" and 2. mute/unmute via "View > Mixer" ... and you have to do both in the main score to get the result I am looking for - or at least I haven't found a better way to turn on/off staves. So I rather create parts and do the main editing stuff from there. Which works fine except in certain cases.

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The time line is an often overlooked method of controlling the visibility of instruments. If you hover over the instrument name you can toggle the visibility by clicking on the circle/elipse (open/closed eye?) at the right hand end of the label. It might be a bit more obvious if the open/closed eye was always visible without the need to hover to find it.

Time line.jpg

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