Composing without compasses

• Jul 20, 2020 - 10:48

I just read deleting a rest is not possible in Musecore because otherwise, the following melody would be affected...
However, if one wants to modify a melody in the middle if it, what can be done? (copy and paste sounds a terrible idea in some cases, like, for instance, after reducing the note duration of a part of the melody)
Perhaps naively I would like the possibility of inserting notes and silences without the restriction of compasses, just to work on the melodies freely. Is such a thing possible? Thanks!


Not exactly sure what compass is here (IIRC is stems from a non-English language), is it key signature or time signature? In other words: are you talking about atonal music or about meterless music?

Hmm, the Spanish 'compás' is Time signature in English, so you seem to be talking about meterless music, so see, somewhat outdated as it doesn't describs the easier ways MuseScore 3.x provides, like the Insert mode

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Yes, something like that...
Imagine I create a melody with 50 notes and some silences. Then I decide that in the middle of it, I need to speed up 20 notes. With Musecore I would select those notes with Shift and reduce them to half time. The problem is that I end up with 20 silences that I do not want... How to delete them is my question.
I other words I would find very useful to have the option of writing notes and silences as one would write a text in Word... Not sure this is just absurd but to me is kind of essential right now! Thanks!

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