Chord Playback Options Missing in 3.5 Release Candidate

• Jul 22, 2020 - 00:51

My 3.5 Beta Version updated the other day, but I noticed I no longer see some of the Chord Playback Options I saw in the Beta version at Edit/Preferences/Canvas.

All I see in MY version of the 3.5 Release Candidate is a checkbox for "Play Whole Chord When Editing" & "Play Chord Symbol When Editing."

I no longer see a checkbox for tuning Chord Playback on & off or a duration setting for Chord sounding.

Am I missing something or did my update not update correctly.

FWIW - The chords DO playback, you just can't turn playback off or change the duration.

Running on Windows 7.

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The option to disable chord playback as a program preference is gone, by design - it leads to the unacceptable situation where the same score would sound different to different users, different on your system versus, etc. So instead, it's a style setting and the Play property only.

The option to play while editing is still there, it just moved up a little higher in the dialog. As before,. it's on the Note Input tab, not the Canvas tab.

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True about soundfonts, it more expected in that case - it’s more of an advanced features and users generally know what they are doing there when going outside MuseScore to bring in other sounds. Chord symbols playback is built in, like playback for dynamics, ornaments, or the notes themselves. So other than the fact that it’s new, it’s much more like those things than it is like soundfonts, and is therefore treated more like those things.

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I meant to say Note Input tab...

I also no longer see the option to play Jazz interpretations which was a nice feature.

But the option to determine the length of time a chord plays seems to be gone too. Now the default seems to be "play to next chord symbol" which can create some awkward playback with Voltas or other repeats.

Maybe it's just me but I thought the Jazz interpretation playback and the duration settings were nice features in the Beta.

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I think you are co fusing two totally different things. The duration option in preferences has nothing to do with actual score playback. It is only the option to control how long something plays while editing - in other words, when you click or enter a note or chord symbol. The options in the Inspector control behavior during playback, and they need to available chord by chord - it would make no sense to force them all the same for all chords in all songs.

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No, I understand the duration settings in preferences, I only mentioned it as a possible location for a global setting, which I still feel would be beneficial.

The problem occurs with choices made for Chord sounds. If a person sticks with Grand Piano, the sustain is acceptable but with some of the other sound choices, (try Accordion) the duration seems excessive, hence my opinion that a global setting for other sound choices might be a nice feature.

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You can’t change from piano to another sound globally in preferences either. It’s a score-specific setting, made in the mixer. So any override for duration needs to be score specific as well, which it is - as a style setting. So if you want all chords for a particular score to play only to end of measure or whatever, simply set as the style for the score. Truly global preferences would just create that unacceptable situation I describe where a user had no control over the sound of his score anywhere but in his own system.

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I assume you mean, the ability to set the style settings within the style dialog. Indeed, that may come back, but to be clear - the options are already present, via "Set as style" in the Inspector, just as in the Alpha & Beta.

To be clear: everything that was in the Alpha & Beta is still present, and in the same location (Preferences, Inspector, or Mixer), with the sole exception of the global preference to make all scores sound different on your system than they do on other systems. That is gone and will not come back for the reasons stated.

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Now I am totally confused..

If the only place Chord Play duration is available as an option is Realize Chroid Symbol, how do I set that as a Style for all of the Chord Symbols in the Inspector. I see NO option for that. In addition, if I use Realize Chord Symbol to set the Chord Duration, I have a "realized chord" on my score which I DON'T want.

What am I missing...?

I just figured out what I was missing...sorry about that. ;-)

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Not sure if this is what you figured out, but for the record: "realize chord symbols" has nothing to do with any of this. It's a separate command you run manually, not normally part of the regular automatic chord symbol playback process. It's a way to get the actual notes to appear in your score for further editing for those cases where for whatever reason you want this. Most people will probably never have occasion to use it.

To be clear: to set a given interpretation (jazz or literal) or a given duration (until next chord symbol, until measure end, etc) or a given voicing (close, drop two etc) for a single chord, use the Inspector. To make those settings into the style default so they apply to the entire score, hit the "Set as style" button. There is a pending PR to add those same settings to the Style dialog for those who prefer that method of setting styles.

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What I figured out was I was looking in the wrong place for the settings which I blame on myself for having the Mixer Controls over with the Inspector, but NOT set as a tab which on my screen forced me to have to scroll to see ALL of the Inspector settings. In other words, I didn't see the Chord Playback Settings in the Inspector so I assumed something had changed...

Dumb me...

However, I did notice that I can't add the Synthesizer Controls as a tab to the Inspector and I assume they should be able to be added like the Play Panel & Mixer.

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