Can't get midi keyboard to add notes

• Jul 22, 2020 - 13:52

I have an old Yamaha P 120 88-key electronic keyboard. I've tried plugging in the midi in and midi out cables and then USB cable to the computer. I connect everything and then turn the computer on, the keyboard on and then start Musescore. When I press "Note input mode" - nothing happens when I press a key on the Yamaha. I can input through the computer keyboard or the mouse, but nothing happens from the Yamaha keyboard. I can't figure out what is wrong!?


One common mistake is getting the "in" and "out" backwards. You need to connect the "out" from the keyboard to the "in" of the device you want to receive that output.

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i have the same problem with my keyboard. It is connected, and Musescore recognizes it. Under preferences, it says USD Midi, and the Midi icon is active. Are you saying that the "IN" cable should go into the "OUT" of the keyboard? I connected "In" with IN and "Out" with OUT.

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