Musescore crashes while editing and saving

• Jul 30, 2020 - 13:37

Can anyone point me to a solution for this file, which keeps crashing when I edit it or save?

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You're talking about editing in this score? What exactly do you do, give one or two examples (and where you do it, measure, part, or main score, etc.).
So far, here, I don't see anything in particular (tested with 3.4.2) No corruption, obvious at least (but the score is 90 pages long!), and the playback goes all the way through without any problem.
In addition, I edited a measure and then saved the score, without any problem.
So, please be really precise about the ou the actions (and with steps) that trigger what you say.

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Indeed, in particular by renaming the file with Save As.
And I just saw, it had escaped me earlier (it's almost at the end of the score, around measure 212), a corruption in the first "Bow" part - image below.
Delete this part, then recreate it, and that will solve the problem.
mesure 212.jpg

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I'm not finding that image - in the full score it looks fine, and I didn't extract parts yet, so I'm not sure how you've arrived at that image. It's a bit radical for me to delete and recreate this whole part without totally understanding what to do differently. Could you explain a bit more how you got that image, and what I should do differently if re-creating? Thanks!

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"It's a bit radical for me to delete and recreate this whole part without totally understanding what to do differently"
Radical, but effective! :) Nevertheless, on this score, it seems that a softer method also works without deleting this part.
Please check it out, but since the corruption is gone, there is every reason to believe that it will be fine now.
So: Beat_2020.mscz

Maybe a different problem but certainly linked: Musescore 3.2.4 is supposed to run on OX 10 Yosemite and did so beautifully for several months, in fact since installing then suddenly it now shuts down. It loads and seems to open ok with any of my saved files then immediately quits, it doesn't just freeze, the software just closes. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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