Corrupted file

• Aug 2, 2020 - 00:27

So I have a corrupted file, but it is only certain measures. I was able to delete that measure and create a new one and it would retain the new measure, however it does not seem to be working right now and corrupting one measure later. I have had this happen once before, and was able to copy and paste it all to a new file, but then I had to reformat everything and I am trying to avoid doing more work. Is this a saving error on my part or is this something with the file?

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Book 1 Part 3.mscz 75.26 KB


"Show details" in the dialog lists quite a few corrupt measures. Youll need to fix them all. See for suggestions.

Corruptions are never your fault, they always indicate a bug of some sort. But the trick is figuring out how to reproduce the problem starting with an uncorrupted score. Any time someone figures out steps that lead to corruption, we are usually able to fix it by the next release.

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