"Palettes" in Musescore 3

• Aug 3, 2020 - 17:23

I have just downloaded Musescore 3 and I am sorry to say that I am disappointed... The most frustrating thing is not being able to make the "Palettes" [in the left-hand margin] appear... I have to use the "Master Palette" menu and it is very awkward! Can anyone enlighten me please?


What exact version of MuseScore (check Help > About), what Operating system?
Is the palettes not showing at all or just as a blank rectangle?

There are a few systems that for whatever reason are missing the necessary device drivers and/or other libraries needed to display the palettes; or they have outdated versions of these. If you post more information about your system, we may be able to help you fix the problem.

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Many thanks for all your feedback, I am very relieved to say that the problem seems to have been an installation issue; the app downloaded into the wrong directory. I had to uninstall it and start again, but it appears to be fully functional now... If anyone has any idea how that could have happened, I would love to know! I am newly acquainted with Musescore 3, so naturally, I am not too friendly with it at the moment!

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Glad it seems to work now for you. Concerning your request some thoughts:
Did you install an official package from the download page: https://musescore.org/en/download, and not a third party package? Maybe the reason was an unsupported MuseScore version?
As mentioned, what's your operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux - which version?
Could you explain more in detail what you mean with "wrong directory"?

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Further to your queries, concerning the erroneous download; my operating system is Windows 10 Home and I did indeed install Musescore from the official download page, however, it seems that it downloaded into the 'Documents' directory, instead of the 'Programs' directory... I wondered whether this may have been due to an initial error in the pointing..?

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