can't open MSCZ file

• Aug 5, 2020 - 01:55

Hi, I need help.
I made some adjustments to my score and tried to save it. (I changed the speed to play.)
I remember a window popped out but I didn't read what it said.
And then the next time I tried to open the file, it says it can't read because it's not supported. The file type is "Temp."
So I retrieved the backup. But I couldn't open that either. The file format is "MSCZ, file", not "Compressed Musescore file" like the other valid files. I couldn't upload it on Musescore webpage, either.
Can anybody help? This score doesn't even appear in the library when I open the software.

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tonight.mscz, 25.55 KB


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There is, if you are actually looking at the full filename. Sometimes it's small and you can't see it. And some systems - Windows especially - have a very unwise option set to not show extensions at all, so you wouldn't even see the mscz part of the filename. If that's the case, you need to find and fix that option, as it is a pretty big security hole as well as constant point of confusion in cases like this. Unfortunately every version of Windows is different, so I don't know how to turn it off in yours, if that is even the issue..

I would actually grab the temp file and rename that instead, it's probably more recent.

But, I renamed your file and it opened just fine. Are you sure you didn't change anything else? WHat is the exact text of the error message ypou got when you tried to load the renamed file?

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