Chord Text's position above a Fretboard Diagram

• Aug 5, 2020 - 06:07

When a fretboard diagram has open or mute positions above the fretboard, these don't seem to be calculated within MS's collision detection abilities. I can't seem to get for instance the chord text to settle close to the top of diagrams while also being raised slightly above when open strings are displayed on top of the fretboard. For instance:


If someone has achieved appropriate offsetting unlike shown above without manual offsetting (tedious if there are many diagrams), please do post here. Otherwise, maybe this should be presented in the issue tracker.


I can con firm this. See the image below, where "Distance to fretboard diagram" (Style > Chord symbols > Positioning) is set to zero.


Chord symbols above Fretboard Diagrams without open/mute symbols are not at the true zero position.

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