V3.5 Voltas

• Aug 7, 2020 - 18:31

Using V3.5 on Windows 10.
Having difficulty with Voltas.

With the attached file I expect MS to play bars 1-12 3 times, then bars 1-10 followed by bars 13-16.
What actually happens is MS plays bars 1-12 then 13-16 and I don't know why. No repeats or different endings.

I had a similar piece this morning before I updated to V3.5 and that played the voltas perfectly. Now, playing that piece using MS v3.5 gIves the same problem, ie no repeats, just plays straight through.

Any suggestions?

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Yes, there seems to be a problem with continuous view and and repeats - see #308698: Continuous view stops repeats from working in playback. Since the person with the most knowledge of the repeat code is on holidays, could you perhaps help us out in figuring out when this regression was introduced?

I do know I made a change to layout in continuous view, to make room for lyrics, but I doubt this be relevant. There was another change involving the display not following the repeat when smooth pan is enabled, but this problem seems to exist regardless of that. Maybe https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/pull/6286...

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Thanks for everyone's comments.

As I originally said, I did open a previous score which I created this morning and which worked perfectly at that time (all I'm doing is creating single voices parts from various TTBB songs). Next time I opened MS, I saw that v3.5 was available and so downloaded and installed it. When I opened that previously working score, It had the same problem so It's obviously the update that caused it. I tried the song again in page mode but it gave the same error. However, I've just tried page mode again and it works as it should. I guess that issue is cleared by closing/opening Musescore. That I will confirm when I create the next set of single voice parts from the next TTBB song.

I did find another possible oddity in continuous view but I need to check that again carefully before reporting an issue.

Thanks everyone for your very helpful comments.

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For the record: the problem happens in continuous view, some calculations done there temporarily turn off repeat playback but never turn it back on, and it remains off even if you switch to Page View. Saving and reloading does indeed fix it. But, so does turning repeats off then on and again (in page view only).

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