rhythm limits within bars

• Aug 7, 2020 - 20:46

Is there a way to eliminate or override the rhythm-value-police thingy that insists on telling me how much rhythmic time remains within the bar? I'm trying to write a bass solo, transposed from a two-part lute piece, but can't indicate rests between the two voices.


A measure has a particular length, but you can certainly change that length in a number of different ways (not just by changing time signature), and within a given length, any combination of notes and rests that add up to that can be used, and any of them can be marked invisible if needed. So it's almost certainly possible to achieve whatever it is you want. But in order to advise better, we'd need you to attach your score and describe in more detail what you are trying to do.

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O thanks for that; actually tried to attach the file, but all I got was that little white circle going round and round; also tried screen capture . . . nope. Why don't you add a little mini-Musescore program to each new-topic page?
What I want is to write as many note-values within a bar as I please, without the equivalent of auto-correct, so I can write 2-part electric-bass lines with rests without using two staves - for example, first note of the measure is an A bass note, with a sixteenth rest above it, followed by 3 16th notes in the upper register. Musescore counts that as equivalent to 5 16th notes, not 4. It's an actual lute piece from 1619, "Finale," by the Pole Albert Dlugoraj, recorded by Julian Bream.
I'm using Windows XP and Musescore 2.0.
Thank you!

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To add as many notes as you want to a measure, you just Ctrl+Shift+letter to insert notes. Or add the notes in separate measures then join them with Tools / Measure / Join Selected Measures. Or do those two operations the other way around.

However, when you talk about wanting two separate lines within one staff, that's something else entirely. Almost certainly you still want the normal number of beats in the measure, you just wanted multiple voices simultaneously. That's simple, just see the section of the Handbook on "Voices" (see Support menu above). MuseScore 2 is pretty old and quite limited in its capabilities compared to current versions, but that much at least was possible already. Not sure if 3.5 runs on XP, though.

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