changed voice ah ah ah to piano, but still get voice sound

• Aug 8, 2020 - 14:06

I always change the voice sound on SATB music to piano when I listen to the partition play. I succeeded in Alto-Tenor-Bass voices but the Soprano voice sound remains, even if it is indicated "piano" on the mixer under "patch": for the soprano voice. Any ideas?


Not really. If you change the sound for an instrument inside the inspector, it should take effect on it. Could you attache such a score?

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Thanks for your answers but the musical score that I copied for Musescore is still under copy write. So I don't think I want to make it public on Musescore. It's only for internal choir practicing.
I have always in the past years changed the instruments with the "mixer" tab without any problem. I This time i's just the soprano voice which is stuck in the vocal voice even when it is marked piano on the mixer. The other voices changed without any problem to "piano". I'll keep trying.

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I understand. I found a solution though by just copying the whole 10 pages of musical score and pasting it in another new Musescore file. Then after changing all the voices, I got rid of the Ah Ah voice for all the SATB voices. So just a way around the stuck soprano voice of the first Musescore.

Thanks for trying to help.

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Okay, here is a few measures of the score in question. normally on my Musescore copy if you look at the View/mixer/soprano you will see "Piano" marked and if you play the score with Musescore you will hear the ah ah ah voice for the soprano and the piano for the three other voices...It would be nice if you found the problem. I can as I have said work around it by simply copy/paste the whole score in another Musescore file.

thanks for your efforts

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When I open the Mixer and look at the Soprano channel, I see that it contains subchannels (the expand icon is enabled). When I expand that strip to view the subchannels, I see the first subchannel was changed but not the others. I can now see that is because you added an instrument change text - the "Flowing, with rubato" and "Moving forward, with rubato" are both instrument changes giving you new channels. You shouldn't use instrument change text except where you actually want to change instruments. Instead, that should be tempo text, or staff text.

Right-click on a blank area of a measure, select Stave/Part Properties and change the instrument. If this does not work then copy your score to a new filename, delete all but a few measures and post this (non-copyright) score.

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