opening pallete crashes musescore

• Aug 9, 2020 - 17:14

Every time i want to open my pallete layout (by f9 or by "see, pallets") the program simply crashes.
I have to use the master pallet if i whant to work on a score and that is anoying. This hapened after i updated musescore to its latest update.
I am on Windows 10 with musescore and it happen with any score at any time I whant to open the pellete layout

Edit: problem solved, i reverted to factory settings, thanks to everyone


More information would help:
- Which operating system, and what version? (Windows, Mac, Linux)
- Which version of MuseScore: is it 3.5? (copy it from menu option Help > About... > click the icon by Revision)
- Does this crash happen with one specific score, or with any score?
- If one specific score, please upload the score

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