What's happening with my fluid ( in "synthesizer" tab )??????

• Aug 10, 2020 - 02:45

I have been using musescore for a couple of years and i have added a few soundfonts to the fluid. Here are the soundfonts i am currently using (notice the order too)
截圖 2020-08-10 上午9.23.01.png
My "soundfonts" folder under "Musescore3" in "Documents" :
截圖 2020-08-10 上午9.41.49.png
The first picture is what the fluid looks like right after I open musescore.

However, when I press "Load from score" in the "master effects " tab ( I have saved Zita 1 settings for my score) the fluid goes crazy.
截圖 2020-08-10 上午9.26.38.png
I pressed" Load from score" on the picture above.
截圖 2020-08-10 上午9.27.53.png
The fluid looks like this after I pressed "Load from score" in the "master effects" tab. When I go to the mixer, there are multiple selections of the same soundfount. The "sound" list in the mixer becomes sooooo long!!
So what's happening???? ( note : this happens with every score. the only difference is the order of the different soundfonts and the number of times they reappear.)
(the instruments i use in this score are:
1."slow violin no rel" from aaviolin
2."Ethan's Cello" from symphonic sounds
3."Steinway D" from HQ Orchestral Soundfont v2.0
OS: macOS 10.15, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 148e43f
Edit: I have tried " revert to factory settings" but it doesn't work.


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From that score:

        <val id="0">Zita1</val>
        <val id="1">NoEffect</val>
        <val id="2">0.151044</val>
        <val id="3">440</val>
        <val id="4">1</val>
        <val id="5">1</val>
        <val id="0">HQ Orchestral Soundfont Collection v2.0 拷貝.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">MuseScore_General.sf3</val>
        <val id="0">symphonicsounds_test.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">aaviolin.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">GeneralUser GS v1.471.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">good_flutes.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">MuseScore_General.sf3</val>
        <val id="0">aaviolin.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">good_flutes.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">aaviolin.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">MuseScore_General.sf3</val>
        <val id="0">aaviolin.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">good_flutes.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">aaviolin.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">aaviolin.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">aaviolin.sf2</val>

aaviolin.sf2, good_flutes.sf2 and MuseScore_General.sf3 are in there multiple times and the soundfont with the Chinese (?) letters might throw thinsg off track too

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