Copy 8 bars and fill in hundreds of bars with it

• Aug 10, 2020 - 21:07

Well, as my subject says, I want to copy 8 bars of music played by an ensemble and fill in an hour or two of measures with that exact 8 bar section repeated over and over. The solo voice doesn't repeat the whole time, so I want to leave that intact. Can this be done as one grand "fill", without manually slogging through a zillion individual pastes?


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Using 5 times reselect all fiilled in portion of the score copy/paste you already get 2^5=32 x 8 measures
Then just copying that again and again will quickly get you 1000 measures
If you really want 1000000 measures then it is worth it to proceed 10 times instead of 5 with the initialisation, getting 1024x8measures

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Wow. Thanks! So I'm a total musescore beginner, and I understand your idea of exponentially cutting down on the amount of work by (exponentially) doubling the length of the source measures each time I copy. But when I tried this the ability to select the source material was extremely slow and imprecise, just trying to drag the blue selection box to the right each time. Can you please point me to navigation info explaining how to use the mouse for selecting larger amounts of measures, more efficiently than just holding the sluggish arrow keys down? I'm sure there must be quick-acting summary commands available somewhere, rather than waiting for the mouse to drag through the measures to the right, one-at-a-time, yes?

First, add as many bars as you will need. Then select the bars you want to repeat and press and hold the R key. This will create as many duplicates of those 8 bars as you want while the key is pressed. To cut down on the hold time, press the R key once and then select the 16 bars you now have and then press and hold the R key, or go to 32 or 64 bars before you press and hold. Or you can stick the R key down with chewing gum while you grab a coffee.

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Double Wow! I assumed you were half-kidding about the chewing gum and coffee, because I dreaded seeing how confused Musescore was going to be when I returned, after leaving Musescore to comprehend that despite the extra zillion "R" requests (and "r" worked just fine, too), we had reached the end of the known universe long ago, halfway through my coffee interlude. But to my amazement, Musescore handled the requested overshoots amazingly gracefully, just waiting patiently for me when I returned like a trained puppy. The program was immediately responsive to me, and didn't require any forbearance on my part in order to wait for the program to make sense of the extra zillion "r" requests.

Still VERY interested in frfancha's idea of exponentially increasing the size of the source selection in order to radically cut the job in size and time. Just don't know how to select ever-larger sections of music quickly and efficiently, without relying on the mouse to slog through each measure as it stretches the blue selection box.

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As @Mike320 says, don't use the mouse. The mouse is s-l-o-w and difficult to use with precision.
Check out and in particular the first section on Navigation.

Also, as the number of key combinations is limited, there are a number of actions that can be assigned to shortcuts but which are not by default. If you go to [Edit]>[Preferences]>[Shortcuts] you can see everything that is available and the current shortcut assignments. If you have a favourite action that has no shortcut you can define one there.

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