Repeat previous four measures

• Aug 13, 2020 - 10:28

What are your thoughts on using that symbol and the repeat previous two measures symbol?

I read somewhere to never use the repeat previous four measures symbol. Why would that be?

What would you think if you came across the two examples I've attached?

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Repeat 4.jpg 120.64 KB


First is OK, second I don't find helpful, it's actually considerably harder for me to keep track of where I am as m y eye keeps bounding back to the original four measures so I can remember what they are and then having trouble figuring out where to jump forward to afterwards. And it doesn't really save space either. EWould be more useful if you had a single four-bar pattern that repeats, say, three more times, so you were able to put the original four bars plus the three 4-bar repeats all one system. Then there is less opportunity for the eye to get lost.

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