Augmented 7 Chord Playback using "+" Symbol

• Aug 14, 2020 - 16:12

I discovered this by accident while transcribing a score. Augmented 7th chord symbols using the "+" symbol (for example C7+) are not interpreted accurately and do not play back correctly.

For example if I chose the C7+ chord symbol, MuseScore plays the root, a C2 and nothing else. If I use the "Realize Chord Symbol" tool, it expands the chord and only shows C2.

The same thing happens with other augmented 7th chords however, NOT with other augmented chord symbols, for example C+ or C9+, just 7th's which leads me to think it is a bug.

You can write the chord symbol as Caug7 as a work around but...

FWIW - All of my chord symbol settings are at the default.


You're right, the fact C9+ works shows we are capable of parsing that. This isn't just about playback, the basic parsing is failing. That means probably MusicXMl export and other things are off.

I would note that normally, symbols for chord quality (major, minor, diminished, or augmented) go before the extension. So, C+7 would be the more recommended notation anyhow.

But we could definitely fixing the parsing for C7+, because even if it isn't really "standard", no doubt others do use it. So feel free to submit a formal Suggestion to the issue tracker for handling of this notation.

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C+7 has always made more sense to me as well, but many music publishers think differently so the symbols C7+, C9+, etc. abound on popular music scores. I have hundreds of them so notated and carried that notation over on to my MS versions.

I do my best to convey the problem in the issue tracker.

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