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• Aug 10, 2020 - 08:56

metto il link di una domanda che ho fatto sul forum italiano alla quale non ho avuto risposte. Scusatemi ma non parlo inglese.
Grazie a chi mi darà una risposta.


Google translate of the abobe
I'm posting the link to a question I asked on the Italian forum to which I had no answers. Excuse me but I don't speak English.
Thanks to those who will give me an answer.

and the link:
I have tried to test the play of some extensions of the chordal signs (m, m7, dim, etc.) and I have found that some do not sound correctly. As soon as time allows me I will test them all.
For now, take a look at the attachment, begging you not to advance the usual and now trite disquisitions on how chord extensions should be written: these are the ones adopted by most publishing houses.
Good music.

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For the record, the symptom is similar, cause different. C7+ we actually try to handle, by reinterpreting the "+" as #5. But due to a quirk in how MusicXML represents this, we were not doing it correctly for C7+ even though we do for C9+. For C7o, we just aren't expecting that at all. But probably it would be fixable using a similar approach to how we handle C7+ and C9+.

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