Dynamic markings ignored

• Aug 15, 2020 - 18:50

Ver:, Mac El Capitan

This short 3-instrument test plays at one dynamic.

I've tried the two soundfonts I have loaded, one the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra .sf2, the other the standard MuseScore General .sf3

I've also looked into the Inspector, and even if I manually change a velocity, nothing changes.

Is there something I should choose on the Dynamics tab of the Synthesizer window? It's currently set to "Single-note dynamics and velocity.


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I was able to look at the score finally and my previous suggestion about midi does not apply. The hairpins have no effect for me either, so that leads me to believe there is something wrong with the program. Unless you changed single note dynamics to CC11 (which I use, default is CC2) this is not the issue.

There are other people seeing the same thing and reporting it in various posts in the forum. I think @theotherjthistle might want to look into this.

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It seems the problem stems from the sondfont used. Perhaps Are Jayem does use CC11 rather than CC2. When I try Shoichi's score (JayemBis) I get silence as I expect from expressive sounds. In Jayem.mscz when I reselect the sounds in the mixer I now get SND playback in the first 10 measures as expected. Before I reselected the sounds in the mixer the first two were reported as Grand Piano. I'll have to try with another soundfont.

I have a score I'm entering right now and SND works on it just fine. I hadn't played it since I upgraded to 3.5, so I didn't know what would happen.

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In the first 10 measures of 'JayemBis.mscz', all part's dynamics sounded fine. The remaining measures (with hairpins only on 'Bsn'), didn't have any hairpin responses, only a jerky shift to 'f' then the same to 'p'.

I just loaded up the file; didn't do anything with settings. Is there significance to the different-colored notes?


If it takes me only using the MuseScore Default .sf3 but getting universal dynamics response, I can live with that. Or if there's a better .sf2 or .sf3 recommended than the (arbitrary choice of) Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra .sf2 library.

I've experimented with 3 brief tests. I judge all acceptable for (generally) WORKING dynamics. I'm OK at present, because I will RE-RENDER the resultant MIDI in the Reaper DAW, where I have much greater control and considerably better sound libraries. I hope this thread helps somebody else who ends up here; they can download the attachments to test in their own environment.

NOTE: I DID remove the Sonatina Orchestra Library .sf2, and am only using the default .sf3 MS sounds.


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