keyboard freeze

• Aug 16, 2020 - 22:28

Just upgraded to 2.5 on Mojave, and when working in a score the keyboard freezes every few minutes. I can't esc out of anything, enter notes from the keyboard, playback with spacebar, bascially no keyboard entry is accepted. After a short period of time, a minute or a few, this fixes itself and I can work again.

I reported this before, and it is still a problem. Unfortunately, I can't specifically say anything I do is causing this, but it happens when editing or navigating, not in input mode.



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Yes to both, 3.5 and that post is me.

I also get stuck in input mode, the mouse is moving around the screen dragging a note, and I can't get out of it by escape or clicking anywhere on the screen.

Can't recall if i suggested this might be a memory problem, actions get piled up in Musescore so it stops working until some buffer is cleared out or it catches up on tasks?

I now have Musescore 3.6 on an M1 iMac with Catalina 11.6. Still, when using Musescore I'm working along and then no input is accepted from the keyboard. No one else is reporting this problem? By keyboard not working, I can't use the number pad to select a note value or the letter for the note, and the space bar doesn't play the score, etc. etc. If I stop working for three or four minutes, the keyboard is working again. Thanks.

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The mouse continues to work. It isn't a hardware issue since as I said this is a new Mac, and I had the same problem with my previous Mac. If no one else reports this, maybe I'm doing something to make it happen. I tend to use keyboard shortcuts, so maybe that has something to do with it. Thanks anyway.

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Well, new computers can have hardware issues too, but if you saw the same on another, that makes it less likely. What then is more likely is that the issue has to do with some other software you installed on both systems, or some other OS setting you made - something you do on most of your systems but that most people don't. That would explain why you've seen this twice and as far as I know no other Mac user sees it at all.

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