Crescendo not playing back

• Aug 19, 2020 - 20:49

I recently got a knew laptop and downloaded musescore.
On my old laptop the crescendo's played back well on all of my scores.
However, on my new laptop they aren't making a sound on any of my scores.
Is there a setting i need to fix?
Thank You


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It will probably work on yours because it worked on my old laptop but i just downloaded musescore on my new laptop and it is not making a sound.
On mine it will just play the dynamic before the crescendo but not get louder like it should do.
I have the latest version of musescore downloaded. Please help

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With few exceptions, the hairpins are applied to keyboard instruments (the synthesizers) on a single tied note. Though there are synthesizers that support a crescendo on a single note, MuseScore does not on keyboard instruments. I added a crescendo on the electric guitar and it worked as expected and the written crescendo on the drumset in measure 56 works fine also.

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Yes, on both computers the synthesiser setting are the same. Especially the dynamic method and CC to use. The dynamic method on both computers is the default (single note dynamics and velocity) and the CC to use on both computers is the default ( CC 2)

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When I said the crescendos aren’t making a sound on any of my scores I meant that the dynamics don’t rise gradually like it would do. So say I have the dynamic ‘p’ and put a crescendo to the dynamic ‘mf’, it will just play the dynamic ‘p’ and not rise to ‘mf’ .
It will only play the dynamic ‘mf’ when the music gets the that marking. It won’t slowly increase the volume during the crescendos. I hope that makes sense

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