High note duration is shorter than low note duration

• Aug 23, 2020 - 14:18

A high "A" duration is shorter than a low "A" duration - Note Duration.jpg .


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So what? The note decays in any case. On shorter and faster notes the damper stops it even earlier
Use an organ or synthesizer, that doesn't hat this issue of notes decaying. And decay depends on the pitch too, lower notes do "ring" longer then higher notes usually.
You could also try to use a different soundfont

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It is ok that MuseScore produces piano sounds are not attempting to emulate a real piano? MuseScore uses staccato for every note?

This makes it difficult to explain real life to students.

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No, MuseScore does not use staccato for every note, an 8th is played significantly shorter than a half. It's soundfont may have a shorter decay than your piano though

In the initial post you said A high "A" duration is shorter than a low "A" duration, both a half note. It is been explained to you that this is a fact, physics, a real piano has that too.
Then you claimed A half note has a similar duration as an eighth note which clearly is not the case.

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You can actually see it decay there. It is not damped or cut short. Pressing the key longer doesn't make it sound longer, as it has decayed already.
Use a different soundfont, or the same soundfont but a different piano sound from it, one that has a longer decay.

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