Difference between HQ and Default?

• Aug 23, 2020 - 20:16

I can feel that there are changes... But what's changed? Also what is the Drumlines extension?


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The MDL extension is a bundle containing an SFZ soundfont, some templates, instrument definitions, workspace
The HQ extension is a 'bundle' containing an SF3 soundfont, an improved version of the regular soundfont.
Some (orchestral) templates make use of the HQ sounds, if available, like for string sections

Also is it my idea or these are the only 2 that contain not only muted trumpets but also muted trombones? And other muted brass... (unfortunately it's harmonn and not straight ;_;)

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.O. wait why would you even edit stereo samples, isn't the other solution mono? Perhaps there mus be others...

Bruh though, those samples are my favourite (if we exclude high and low end notes of instruments) . I take off your hat and this link with it.

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and if you want them in one sf2, thats easy;
1 Install Polyphone
2 File> New
3 name it VSCO-2stereo
4 open the Flute.sf2
5 draw the Flute preset from the Flute.sf2 to the Presets of VSCO-2stereo.sf2
6 close the Flute.sf2 and open the Oboe.sf2
7 draw the Oboe preset to the Presets of the VSCO-2.sf2
etcetera, etcetera

I think I'll stick to HQ soundfont for now... I don't like having a traffic of many different soundfonts, plus HQ is good enough.

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