Difference between HQ and Default?

• Aug 23, 2020 - 20:16

I can feel that there are changes... But what's changed? Also what is the Drumlines extension?


Also is it my idea or these are the only 2 that contain not only muted trumpets but also muted trombones? And other muted brass... (unfortunately it's harmonn and not straight ;_;)

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and if you want them in one sf2, thats easy;
1 Install Polyphone
2 File> New
3 name it VSCO-2stereo
4 open the Flute.sf2
5 draw the Flute preset from the Flute.sf2 to the Presets of VSCO-2stereo.sf2
6 close the Flute.sf2 and open the Oboe.sf2
7 draw the Oboe preset to the Presets of the VSCO-2.sf2
etcetera, etcetera

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