Is there an option that affects whether or not time signature changes mid score add or remove measures?

• Aug 26, 2020 - 19:35

When changing time signatures mid-score, measures can be subtracted or removed. This is because there is a defined number of beats in a score depending on the number of measures. When the time signature changes, MuseScore compensates by adding or subtracting measures in order to keep the number of beats constant. However in my case (making a click track), this gives me extra work do to, selecting and deleting ranges; not fun :(
Is there a setting that allows time signature changes to keep the number of MEASURES constant instead of beats? i'm not talking about any workarounds or anything like that. I'm asking about an official built-in setting.

~Thank you in advance!


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Thank you. I appreciate the reply. I know that this is a bit of an 'extra' thing to make a fuss over. Extra little quality of life things aren't exactly a priority (especially right now with the development of MS4. Super excited for that BTW!!) so time taken for even a simple "Yes/No" is always appreciated. :)

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