Random CTD in 3.5 development/nightly

• Aug 27, 2020 - 21:19

I installed development/nightly version 3.5x because I was getting CTD when entering fret diagrams on a guitar tablature. It would happen predictably when you did a certain sequence of steps. It is still happening with the nightly. However, it is more random. I can't really see a pattern. It happens when I enter fret diagrams then delete them (after doing a copy paste), but it is more random. In version 3.5, I would get the error reporting tool pop up. In this case, no error reporting tool.



In the bug report you said it's not reliably reproduced. This always makes it hard to track down. Perhaps if you can find a set of actions that sometimes causes the crash you could add a score with the instructions and someone can reproduce the crash in a debug build and use the trace stack to find the cause of the problem.

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Neither a millennial (if barely), nor do I want to be cool or a shudder… hipster.

So, what does it mean?

It sounds very foreign to me, perhaps because I don’t have the notion of a “desktop” being a command-line user.

Does it just mean the same as crash or segfault?

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Uncool is fine with me ;)

Also, more precise. Many environments catch crashes; if running under a debugger, for example, or KDE’s DrKonqui crash reporter, or Android’s ANR (äpp not responding) popup (and it also has one for crashes, I’ve started learning Android development recently and obviously encountered the occasional exception)…

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I see Musescore users are more old-school. They prefer Lute rather than guitar. They aren't happy when their soundfont gives them Viola rather than Viola da Gamba. They prefer the sound of the sackbut rather than the trombone. I get it. No wonder they get in a twist when their ambitus is not amicable. LOL (that is Laughing out loud).

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