Import Musescore 1.3 into Musescore 3 - Voice won't adjust range

• Aug 29, 2020 - 04:27

I'm using Musescore 3.5 now. I imported an old score from 2014. I thought it was a Musescore 2 file, but I see that was not released until 2015.

I copied the file from an old backup folder to my new Scores folder and opened it.
I got a warning about the position of elements, which it offered to fix and I accepted.

As I recall the message referred to Musescore 1.3, so I guess it was from that version.

There were a few odd things, but overall things looked not too bad.

The one thing I'm trying to fix is the Voice range. It plays as a Soprano. I tried editing the Staff to change it to Tenor, but that does not change the way it plays and it now shows color-coded notes to show they are out of range for a Tenor.

Is there any way to fix this?

Score attached.


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SmileALittleSmileForMe.mscz 6.72 KB


  1. Edit the Staff to change instrument to Tenor (as you tried already)
  2. Change the clef from Treble to Treble clef 8va bassa (which shifts all the notes up one octave, to keep the sung pitch the same)
  3. Select all, move down one octave to the desired pitch for a tenor voice
    Clef for Tenor voice.png
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SmileALittleSmileForMe_bis.mscz 29.62 KB

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