note entry and rests

• Aug 31, 2020 - 05:41

Hi, sorry for such a newbie question, but in a new piano score I have created, the bass line has been entered, and I am entering chords in the treble clef. Each bar in the treble clef has a whole note rest sort of by default, I guess, and I want to enter a 16th note at the end of the bar that ties into the next bar. I don't seem to be able to insert the 16th note at the end of the bar, i guess because there is already a whole note rest. So I try changing the rest, and it changes it from the beginning of the bar, so I end up with a mess.

So, how do I insert a note at the end of a bar in which there is already a whole note rest?

Thanks in advance.



Here are two pointers which I hope will be helpful:
1) In the Note Entry Mode, you can enter rests just like notes--using the number pad to designate durations, then "0" (zero) rather than a letter/pitch name.
2) don't forget, there is a difference between a whole-note rest, which has the duration of four quarters, and a whole-measure rest, which has the duration of four beats in 4/4 time, but three in 3/4, etc. They are both represented with lozenges, but the first is placed at the beginning of the duration, the second centered in the middle of the measure. Musescore makes a distinction between the two.
You'll figure it out.

First Read the handbook you'll understand.
Musescore needs to enter notes or rests by the the beginning of the measure. Start with the whole rest, click on it, tape 6, you get 2 half rests. Click the 2nd half rest , tape 5 , you get , the first half rest, and now 2 rests of 1 time. Click the 2nd rest of 1 time, tape 4, it becomes 2 rests of 8th time. Click the last 8th time rest , tape 3 you get 2 16 th time rests. Click the last , enter your note. It's very long because you have the last....last....piece of the measure. If you need to make the same thing at another place, use copy and paste for the whole measure. If you need the same measure just after this one, select the measure and tape R

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