copying one voice from a line

• Sep 2, 2020 - 05:42

If I write a cello line with multiple voices and then I decide to copy just the second cello voice to the base line, can I do it in one click?


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What's the best way to copy a bar of cello (notes only) into the measure of the base, but copy the effects (articulation, dynamics, hairpins, ) from a previous base measure. For example, say my cello has 12 bars of notes that follow a constant rhythmic pattern, but of different notes in each bar. i copy the first cello bar to the base and add hairpins, dynamics, articulation etc. Now I want to copy the rest of the cello bars (11 other bars) but keep up the hairpins, dynamics and articulation I just worked out for the first bar. Can I just copy those effects and superimpose them on the cello notes now in the base line? Can I dress up notes with effects of different measures, is my question.

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It's always easier to advise if you post an actual score so we can see exactly what you mean, but in general, you can copy a list of articulations forms one passage to another by selecting them (eg, click one, shift+click another to select all in that range) then copy & paste as per usual. Same with dynamics. But hairpins cannot be copied this way.

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