Change of key signature

• Sep 2, 2020 - 09:22

I have noticed that when I work with a grand staff and I changed the key signature that it was changed only on one staff. Does it make sense to play with different key signatures on the staves?
Also, in the printed scores I have, key signature changes are placed after the beginning of a repeat section while Musescore wants to place it outside. Is there a standard for that?


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It possibly happens when you have one or more transposing instruments together with a non-transposing instrument and you don't have the concert pitch button selected. The behaviour you describe would be correct for that situation. If that is not the situation and the situation is not as Jojo describes then attach a score that shows the problem.

My guess is you didn't select a measure but instead a note or rest. This inserts a "local" key signature currently, an even allows it mid-measure. I personally would prefer to see it not do this unless you press Ctrl. Or at least special case a note or rest selected that is at the beginning of a measure, and treat that case as if the full measure were selected.

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