Exported MP3 is rhythmically off

• Sep 4, 2020 - 20:26

On the exported MP3 at 0:55, the last four 8th notes of the toms in bar 47 are slightly rhythmically off. Please compare to the MS file, which is correct. I've exported this file twice and keep encountering this problem.

It seems uploading an MP3 isn't allowed, so the MP3 can be heard at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cJyQkIOONvutgFrvPGvHGsPG9rlZI034/view?…

Another (completely different) issue: when I tried to log onto the forum to post this, I clicked the Log In button (upper right) multiple times, and also the "Log in to post new content in the forum" button multiple times but wasn't able to log in. I'm using Windows 10 with Firefox. After awhile I tried Chrome, which worked (unfortunately, since I no longer use it).

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Sounds like something might be going on taking up resources.
No lag on my system.
Tell us what you are running MuseScore on.

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Of course I listened to what you uploaded, and I wanted to test it in my own environment.
But there was no problem in my tests. <= Here is the problem
If we(*1) are unable to reproduce a problem, there is no way we can suggest a solution.

* we = users who are testing the problem to reproduce it.

After all, I can only make predictions that might not work.
The suggestion(s) that came to my mind (but suspect it will work because it could not be verified):

  • Temporarily replace the soundfont you are using with another one and test it with it.
  • If you are using Zerberus (sfz) disable the sfz sound-fonts there (for this score) and test with only one sf2 sounfont.

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I'm using the HQ version of that font. Which you would have to download from MuseScore. I think the main difference is that that the HQ version has expressive versions of some instruments that will allow single note dynamics. I.E. dim. or crescendo in one note.
I was thinking more along the line of your not trying to run Musescore on a Surface Go or something. The laptop I run is an i5, 8gb ram, 1tb SSD. 64bit Musescore on a 64bit machine.

  • What bitrate are you encoding at? You could try a lower one.
  • What is the precise spec. of your PC.
  • Try substituting the offending instrument for one that doesn't have the problem.
  • Shutdown all other programs whilst exporting.
  • Which version of MS? You could try another one.
  • Does the problem show up at the same position every time?

I'm clutching at straws really in the hope that something will show up. I listened to the upload a few times but couldn't hear it myself – but I'm not a drummer.

Does this happen during playback in MuseScore, or only in an exported mp3? How about other formats?

As an experiment you might add 4 measures at the end and copy the last 4 measures into them.

Have you cleared the cache in Firefox lately?

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Only on an exported MP3. Haven't tried other formats.

Just did a little experiment by removing the Hammond Organ from the arrangement, and had no problems with the new exported MP3. I tried this because I previously had a similar issue in which the organ seemed to interfere with correct timing in an exported MP3.

But this is particularly odd because the organ isn't playing during the parts in question.

Could it be that this is the cause?

P.S. Next I will try clearing the cache.

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It might be worth loading the MP3 into Audacity with, and without, the Hammond as you should see clearly if there's any difference in the waveform. You should be able to see exactly when the drum beats happen. This would confirm what you are hearing and perhaps quantify it.

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