How to create a music notation

• Sep 11, 2020 - 18:47

Hi, I'm teaching myself how to play the piano using the Alfred's adult self-teaching books. I purchased a Halloween beginner's book. In the book, there is a music notation I have never seen before. I looked through all my self-teaching books and can't find anything similar to it. I went on Wiki and Google and still couldn't find what it's called or how it should be played. When I purchase a new scorebook I place it on Musescore so I can use my iPad. Can anyone help me with the name of this notation and is it possible create it in Musescore?

It's the curve line that connects a treble note to the bass note.

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Those are slurs. You can do this in MuseScore. Click the first note, then press ctrl and click the second note and press s to create a slur. The slur starts in edit mode and you may need to zoom in to see where the drag boxes are. There are 6. One at each end, 3 on the slur and 1 centered between the two ends. The 3 on the slurs are the ones you want to adjust. Drag them with your mouse to see how they reshape the slur. In the slurs pictured, you will want to drag the top of these 3 to the left to make the slur curve back like this.

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