Cannot tie grace notes to notes in other voices

• Sep 12, 2020 - 16:26
Reported version
S4 - Minor

As seen in the attached file:

To tie two notes of the same pitch in different voices to one another all you must do is select the first note and press + (ex. in m1). This even works if cross staff notation is used (ex. m 3).

The problem arises when you have grace notes. You cannot tie a grace note to a note in another voice.

The workaround requires planning. Put both the note and grace note into the same voice, apply the tie, then change the voice of the main note. (See m2) The planning ahead is because you may be required to change the duration of the note in the different voice. To tie the B grace note to the 1/2 note in voice 2, here are the steps:

select the half note and press 5 to make it the same duration as voice 1.
change the voice of the note to voice 1 (press ctrl+alt+1 or click the button)
select the grace note and press + to apply the tie
change the voice of the main note back to voice 2
select the note and press 6 to return the duration to 1/2 note.

In this simplified example, no planning is required. If the voice 2 note is shorter than voice 1 and followed by more notes then the succeeding notes will be over written when you lengthen the voice 2 note. You cannot change the voice of a grace note. In the example, I deleted voice 2 notes then selected the chord in voice 1 of measure 2 (which includes the grace note), pressed ctrl+alt+2 and it crashed. New issue to follow.

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