V3 play panel doesn't react to [Space bar] after cliking on play, V2 does it

• Sep 13, 2020 - 10:49

V2 behaviour:
Click on play button in play panel to start play, then press [Space bar] play is paused
Click on play button in play panel to start play, then [Space bar] is ignored you must use mouse to pause

My installation only? General regression?


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Windows 10.
Now, looking better I see that the focus stays in the tempo field when I click on play.
While it is a bit annoying to not being able to press space bar to stop playing, it is also extremely useful to not have to click the tempo field again to change tempo, so I think it is a bug but still probably not so bad for my workflow.

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"Stays" in the tempo field? Your original steps didn't mention tempo. So, can be more specific about the steps you are actually following? When I tested, focus was in the score, then I clicked the play button, and all worked as expected - Space stopped playback. I tried guessing what you might mean about tempo by trying various combinations of moving the slider, clicking within the tempo field, typing or not typing, selecting the text in the box or not, etc - but I couldn't find any sequence that resulted in Space not working as expected.

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So, you are saying:

1) load score
2) open play panel
3) click in tempo text box
4) erase what's there currently
5) type 90
6) click play button
7) press Space

And for you Space doesn't stop playback For me it does, and at that point, focus is back in the score, so typing a number changes duration of a note, it doesn't enter into the tempo box. Could be a difference in how Windows vs Linus handles focus, I guess 9or how Qt handles it on behalf of those systems).

EDIT: scratch that, on a hunch I tried undocking the play panel, now it works as you describe. Curious difference. Not sure if there are specific GUI guidelines for handling focus on different panes of a single window versus separate windows.

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