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• Sep 13, 2020 - 11:08

I saw this in a score:
So I thought, why not move part names? (Of course if I move one in a page it shouldn't affect the position of the name in other pages). If you see below, I have no space to add numbers.

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Now that you said "testing"... I would like to test a nightly version ,Linux manjaro, but I'm not sure what to download. I think my computer has x86-64. I want to also contribute somehow (documenting isn't for me, answering questions needs too much time and I don't know C++) so testing seems to be the only thing I can do now..

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The development builds are located at there are two different Linux varieties I don't understand but I'm sure you'll know which ones to use.

They will coexists with your current version of MuseScore and have no effect on it. They are still working on the UI and have the version 4 UI disabled. Sometime that sounds like it's not too far away (several weeks maybe?) they will turn on the version 4 UI. I suggest that you get on telegram where they talk about development issues. As a minimum join the development and design channels so you can eves drop on discussions about development of version 4. See If you find things in the program that need discussed you can start a discussion there on the appropriate channel. There's also an off topic channel if you don't think your question isn't development related.

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Apparently these Windows builds are 'real' nightly builds, twice (?!) per night (at ~4am), rather than at each commit (last one to the 3.x branch was 2 days ago), and called ...3.6.0.buildnumber... rather than ...3.x-gitSHA...
And indeed no Linux builds at all

So too many Windows builds and with strange names, no Linux or Mac builds at all.

Similar for master, AKA 4.0, for Windows, twice a night (and same for Linux and Mac here, but with decent names)

My idea would be to have a new, small part inside the window for part properties, which will act according to which part you selected and on which page you selected it. (Different pages get different settings)

Simply, it could be called something like "Part/Instrument Numbers" and you can put some numbers and depending on how many numbers you put, it will automatically calculate their position and distance (the order won't be decided automatically but set manually).
It should also allow you to modify their font and size.

Oh... We should also be able to freely move the numbers ( and part names ) after closing the window... And in general.

Of course, this must work for parts with multiple staves, like in some examples above. So, in the Part properties, in the "Part/Instrument Numbers", when having e.g. 4 horn staves, the user must also select on which stave they want the numbers.

Some people think that it's not a huge problem, as it can be achieved by using simple staff text and inspector to move it... But I believe that this way might be too slow (especially for perfectionists ~~like me~~ who like to see numbers like 0.50 and not 0.51/0.52 in the X/y coordinations, but I know that's just us). But I still believe it can be faster.

What do you think?

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