Playback: "Slur-ed" VS "Not Slur-ed"

• Sep 13, 2020 - 12:52

When notes are connected with a slur it means to play them totally connected, like no small "pauses" within but what about notes that aren't connected with a slur? I have learned that they aren't totally connected and I have seen some people who will pause in-between them for a really short amount of time if they can...

So wanted to suggest this. Should phrases (or whatever) without slurs be played like below?

Note: I used the cutaway feature but cannot connect the left barline for some reason

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How this should be played back depends on the instrument and the player interpretation.
For a number of instruments slurring will mean that the attack portion of the following note is skipped (and part or all of the release of the current note as well) and non-slurred will still mean play everything for full length, but don't skip attack/release of the notes.
On other instruments slur will mean playing back 100 or 105% of notated length, and non-slurred might be closer around 95% of notated duration.

Counter-Note: Emilio has been doing rework on cutaways that fix the left barline behavior. I'm not sure whether it'll be available in 3.5.1 / 3.6 or have to wait for 4.0

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For real musicians, playing un-slurred notes will also differ depending on the type of music being played. In a lullaby, notes will tend to be more connected than in a march.
It would be nice if phrase playback were possible in MuseScore.

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Well yes, but I thought Musescore3 updates are over..

I personally cannot say anything about the designs: they look more convenient and nicer than the current Musescore so if Musescore 4 is gonna be at least simar to how Martin showed it (my grammar is bad oof), then, personally, I can rest in peace xD ....

Only thing I want is a button that toggles all "solo/mute" buttons off

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