Is it possible to copy and paste rhythms only in a score?

• Sep 15, 2020 - 05:10

I have the correct notes for a score entered in, but want to try out different rhythms to see how they will sound in the lower voices. It seems like there should be a way to copy/paste only the rhythm over the correct notes.
I have all the notes written in the score, but only put them as whole notes until I could figure out the rhythms. I don't want to have to put it in all the many 1/8th notes and rests over and over.

Has anyone done this before?


When I have an idea of the notes with the rhythm in doubt, I add a staff for the instrument to enter the notes then use another staff to fix the rhythms. It works for me.

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mike320 can correct me if I'm wrong and he's still wrong, but I am pretty sure he's not describing anything there is an automatic command for. I think he just means this as a strategy, just how you might jot down rhythms and pitches separately to then look at while rewriting the line manually. Eg, by using repitch mode to fix the pitches of the version with the correct rhythm. Or just using the pitch staff as a guide while writing the rhythms in/

Personally I find pencil and paper a highly underrated tool for this. When transcribing complex passages, I will jot down the noteheads on the staff only, then go in and figure out where the barline go, then figure out where the beats are, then I can go from there to notation, all quite efficiently.

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Thanks Marc for the explanation; I was just wondering whether Mike had found a way to merge this data.
Yes, pencil/paper is good but due to my limited jazz experience, I rather use MSC to quickly hear the result ;-).
I am curious to try plugin programming; I just found (I prefer to start with v3).

Update: looking into the existing plugins, I found "Expand Chord Symbols", which should in principle be able to do what I tried to achieve: convert chord symbols into notes + apply a rythm pattern. The first part works find, but nothing happens when I select "apply a rythm pattern", define a rythm, and click on "OK" if there is a rest in the pattern. Otherwise, it works fine and is very close to what I was looking for. I can easily convert notes to rests manually.

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