Flying Roger

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Issue Request option to copy system elements with copy/paste (ALL ELEMENTS) Adrien de Croy 154 1 month ago
Issue [MusicXML export] invalid XML export: direction-type is missing child element Leon Vinken 6 5 months ago
Forum topic Raccourcis respiration BriceLacomette 6 6 months ago
Forum topic Score exported in musicxml format triggers an error when importing the file back in Musescore Flying Roger 2 9 months ago
Forum topic Copy measure with markings and text smarmit 32 1 year ago
Issue Provide options to change default transposition options awillkey 7 2 years ago
Forum topic Using the console log output (very basic question) Flying Roger 4 2 years ago
Forum topic Comment supprimer un message du forum? Flying Roger 2 2 years ago
Forum topic Comment positionner (par défaut) les staff text, expression, lignes crescendo/decrescendo,... au-dessus de la portée Flying Roger 12 2 years ago
Forum topic Final Barline not at End of Score wkrasl 16 2 years ago
Forum topic D.C. al Fine does not return to the start of the score but to the last repeat bar Flying Roger 4 3 years ago
Forum topic Musescore 3 files compatibility issues Flying Roger 42 3 years ago
Forum topic MUSESCORE 3 bugs: positioning of various indications (tempo, palette objects, lines (repeat 1, 2, 3,..) Flying Roger 6 3 years ago
Forum topic Accordion: German notation of chords (H=B natural, B=Bb) + using lowcase for chords names and uppercase for the bass Flying Roger 6 4 years ago