MUSESCORE 3 bugs: positioning of various indications (tempo, palette objects, lines (repeat 1, 2, 3,..)

• Dec 14, 2018 - 15:13

I have installed the MUSESCORE 3 version and I am in general happy with it, but I observed a very annoying bug with the positioning of indications like tempo or other palette objects associated with notes who would not go where I want to place them. They jump in the margin or in the title, or superpose with the note while I would simply want to position them above the music. I have the impression that there is kind of an anti-collision algorithm overdoing it.

Also, when specifying alternatives 1, 2, 3 following a repeat sign, the positioning of the alternatives lines behaves very strangely (opposite to the direction I move the mouse).

This is a show stopper for me so I will need to convert my recenty edited scores back to musescore 2 and drop musescore 3 to solve this issue.


The show stopper should not be an issue unless you did a save as and replaced the existing score. MuseScore defaults to putting version 3 score in its own folder rather than on top of the existing score.

If you replace a version 2 score with a version 3 score, the only way back to to export from version 3 as musicxml and import that back into version 2. You can expect to have to fix a few placements, but it should mostly look alright.

There is an auto placement algorithm. If you want to move something and MuseScore refuses to cooperate, select the item open the inspector (F8) and remove the check from Automatic Placement.

As for Volta 1, 2 & 3 you need to attach a score showing this.

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Actually I meant a show stopper for using v3, but moving back to v2, I just realised that there is no "save in musescore 2 format" function. I did not expect this, so indeed I was stuck, so thank you for the hint about xml export/import.

For the Volta, this is not systematic; I need to reproduce the problem and leave it in that state to attach a score.

Here attached a score showing the positioning problem (try to move the accordion register on top left to a position just above the notes. Unticking "automatic placement" in the inspector did not solve the problem.

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2018-12-14 object positioning error.mscz 33.99 KB

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There is a bug report concerning this. See #279610: Dragging to reposition a symbol ("Z" palette) responds erratically on release which is reported to be fixed. If you would like to test it then dowload the latest nightly at Use the second file, the first is a fix for files made before September.

Edit: You should start a new thread dedicated to the volta problem when you can reproduce it.

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Thank you.
I have just installed it and I can confirm that the positioning bug is no longer there.
I opened all my recent scores created with Musescore 3 containing voltas and I could no longer observe the problem. Neither did I when creating new voltas. Not sure the problems were linked but obviously, something has been fixed there as well. I will only open a new post in case this would happens again.
And... I will continue with Musescore 3 for all new scores.

Concerning the overwrite of Musescore 2 score, I indeed did. My scores are in a series of music folders related to style/instrument, whatever score editor I use. Many scores were made with Pizzicato before I observed too many problems with the recent evolution of that one and I looked for a replacement.
I found Musescore 2 and I was immediately impressed by how easy encoding was.

A long time ago, I had developed a score editor with a friend (using DOS !) and there are similarities in the encoding using the PC keyboard. Of course, the DOS score editor (called MELODY) was very limited as graphics had to be manually drawn (no "music fonts"!)

Concerning Musescore, I really like the way it smartly guesses what you intend to do when encoding music. Good job!

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