Musescore 4 MIDI Input Not Working

• Jan 1, 2023 - 01:34

In Musescore 4 I cannot input notes from my Casio Privia keyboard, even though I am perfectly able to do it in 3.6. I/O is set to "CASIO USB-MIDI" for both MIDI input and MIDI output and the "Enable MIDI input" setting is checked.


Musescore v4.0.1.
- My CASIO USB-MIDI is recognised automatically as input and output, and I have enabled MIDI Input.
- Midi input works fine (Type "N" to set the note input mode).
- Output is only going to the PC, not to my MIDI Out device.

Same problem with my Akai MPK249 pro, via usb, on pc, switch to muse score 3 and works right away. toggled enabled. trying restart again.

Same with Yamaha CLP-775. MAC newest OS 12.6.3, MuseScore 3.6.2 runs without problems. 4.0.1 no MIDI function, even every 10th keypressure leads to an input.

I solved it, finally! I had the same exact problem, but I just figured it out right now. You need to go onto the keyboard midi settings (on the keyboard, not computer) and disable "hi-resolution MIDI out". Problem solved.

Hi everybody, I don't know whether you guys have resolved this yourselves but none of this may be necessary.

I see on other posts that people think musescore 4 cannot import midi files. This would naturally lead to playing the keyboard directly into musescore 4 with all the latency problems that entails.

The great news is that you don't 'import' midi files . . . you 'open' them. I recorded a brass band piece in qtractor - exported it as a midi file - opened it in musescore 4 and it was all there. Just need to reassign some instruments and put dynamic markings on and we're good to go . . .

And of course, this totally solves our '16 midi channel limit' issue.

No more messing about trying to play a full orchestra in qtractor via qsynth, qsampler, Carla or fantasia - just record everything in your DAW, export midi and OPEN it in musescore 4.

Then back into qtractor (or ardour) as stems. GORGEOUS

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