mouse curser show RED symbol of no-entry, which doesn't allow slide and drop from palette

• Sep 15, 2020 - 13:40

With a Microsoft OS, the Mouse curser shows a no-entry symbol in RED and in not interactive when trying to slide and drop elements from the palette. normally the mouse curser shows a grey no-entry symbol see screen shot of a correct mouse curser" which changes to a "hand" symbol where you want to drop the element - dynamics, lines, etc... from the palette.

Any ideas of where to correct this mouse curser problem?

thanks in advance
Screenshot from 2020-09-15 14-36-06.png


Your post has be completely confused:

You speak about windows, but show a linux (ubuntu variant?) screenshot.
There is an issue with cursors, but there isn't one shown in your screenshot?

We use the default drop and not allowed cursors from the operating system. The one on windows 10 is notoriously bad designed in that it doesn't show it's "hot-spot" clearly (it's the top left of the bounding box of the circle), so perhaps this is what you're talking about?

Perhaps you aren't aware yet, but aside from drag and drop you can always apply a palette element to the selected position/elements simply by single clicking on the palette element.

As mentioned, drag & drop is not normally the best way to use the palette - much easier normally to select the target note/rest/measure then simply click the desired palette element. But for the cases where you do choose to use drag & drop, the "forbidden" icon is correct, it's telling you you can't drop there. You need to find a specific note/rest/measure to drop onto and only release when it highlights and the mouse cursor icon changes.

The OS handles the mouse cursor appearance, not MuseScore.
Your screenshot (ubuntu studio?) doesn't show the mouse cursor - this is normal for screenshots.

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